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Monday, June 02, 2008

Painting fools

First of all, I lost 6 pounds last week and 3.5 inches! Hooray! I've been exercising 20-30 minutes a day (walks with my honey bunny in the morning), drinking protein shakes, eating fresh fruits/veggies everyday and trying to watch my portions. It's obviously working! I'm so happy about it! Can you tell?!?! :o) I feel like this is a plan that I can keep going - which is very encouraging!

On saturday Tyler & I began painting - we painted Keith's light blue. Tyler insisted that a boy's room HAS to be blue. ;o) Today we're painting Anna/Katya's room purple (light lavendar) which is Anna's favorite color and hopefully Katya will love purple like Anna does. I didn't realize how long and tedious it is to paint. You have to take everything out of the room, take down all the pictures, fill in the holes from the nails on the walls, tape the edges of the walls, remove the outlet covers and THEN you can paint. Plus, since we're creating a room for Keith - we had to dissolve our C2 room (craft + computer) and combine it with the family/guest room upstairs. So, we are planning to go through EVERYTHING and take anything we don't want (read: need) and add it to our ever growing garage sale items which are currently taking over our garage. I am happy to go through things - because I thrive on being organized, but it's a lot of work! Tyler took off 3 days this week (2 of them were from a free 2 day pass that Tyler won on his PT test - he got 100%, woohoo!) to work on the house. In the beginning we thought we'd have the whole house I'm hoping to have half of the house painted by wednesday! :o) If you like to paint - come on over! We won't turn down any help!


Kathey said...

YAY on everything. Sound's great. You're really getting there!

Love, Kathey

Melisa said...

Way to go, Jill! It sounds like a really good plan! And so much success already!

I'm already dreading when we start painting. Ugh.

nicole said...

Good for you!! It must feel so satisfying to make such progress! Good luck on the painting. :)

shannon said...

So do you want to make it 10 or stick with the 20 lbs like we originally planned? I am 2 lbs away from losing the 10... *dreaming of my one-hour Swedish massage*

Debbie said...

Congratulations on your weight loss - that's awesome!!!! As far as the painting taking longer - I sooooo understand. Our 'memorial day weekend project' is still going. With Bruce's help we just now (10 minutes ago) finished the main part of the painting. I always get so excited planning a painting job and then halfway through I have the though, "What was I thinking!" I would love to see your job when you're done!