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Friday, May 02, 2008


Last night we checked the forecast for today: 60% chance of rain. It didn't look promising for our garage sale. With all the efforts of ourselves and others to help raise money for our adoption fund - it seemed like such a waste for it to rain on us. However, I exercised my faith in God that if he could bring rain to the pioneers for their crops - he could withhold rain for my garage sale. I feel like my faith has been strengthened today - for we didn't have any rain until the garage sale was over at 3pm. I know that God heard my prayers and that he answered them. In fact - it started POURING rain once we were packing up. It was such a blessing to have such wonderful weather today. Heather & Shannon helped me out so much during the garage sale and we made $500! Hooray! We're so grateful for everyone's help in this garage sale. :o)

This evening we had a couple over for dinner, Ashley & Dorian. I met them at school last fall. We had a great Italian dinner followed by a game of Quelf and just enjoyed time talking. It was a nice relaxing evening which is what we needed after a busy garage sale! :o) I am so happy right now and am feeling so grateful to everyone and for their kindness to our family. There is a video clip called "The Time of Our Lives" by Toni Braxton & IL DIVO, which was performed for the 2006 olympics. The song is very moving and I feel the Spirit when I think about the words. I could, however, do without Toni Braxton's cleavage...but what can you do? Enjoy:


Kathey said...
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Kathey said...

I was praying for you to have good weather today. How neat that Heavenly Father kept the faucets turned off until it was OK to turn them on. And YAY for the $500. Not bad for one day's work!

Love, Kathey

Anonymous said...

$500! That's great! I was thinking that the garage sale was today, for some reason. You definitely hit the weather jackpot yesterday.

Steph said...

Horray for good weather and garage sales!! I am so glad that you were able to make some money to put towards your adoption fund.
It is so true that our Heavenly Father knows each of us and our individual needs.

Melisa said...

I am so happy for you! That is wonderful. What a blessing!