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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is hard without my twins. I am eager to have them here and I look forward to actually being their mom next year on Mother's Day. An update on the adoption situation: we're scheduled for our home study visits by the social worker in one week. After that - we are moving on to do our dossier. We've raised over $1800 thus far in fundraising and I'm working to come up with some other ideas in addition to garage sales to earn money.

This saturday the twins will be turning 4 years old. Again, it's hard to not be with them on this wonderful holiday - but we plan to have a birthday party, just the same, and celebrate these 2 wonderful children and how much we love them already. :o)

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mixednutsblog said...

You just came up on my feed reader's recommendations (you have 9 subscribers on the google reader so far).

On to the actualy point: I was thinking (dangerous, really). A few years ago, the ward did a dessert auction to raise money for the scouts to go to camp. They did pretty well. I wonder if you could do that--maybe at the Memorial Day picnic? I bet the ward would love to support you that way.