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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This morning I went on-base to meet with the doctor. I needed my thyroid prescription refilled, a (wii) tennis elbow brace and some information on any weight loss programs offered on-base. I got the prescription refilled with a blood lab ordered (oh joy) and my (wii) tennis brace, but they said they only offer nutritional classes (which I've already taken - they didn't help me). Then I drove to Columbus (over an hour away) for my voice lesson - but she wasn't at home, so I drove back home. (She later called and apologized profusely) Then I had my physical therapy and the machine kept having problems, which was a bit annoying - but I did some reading (yes, you read that right - READING) in an adoption book that I checked out from the library.

I was signed up to substitute teach tomorrow in a middle school, but Tyler realized that he has a PT test in the morning - so I called to cancel subbing. (I'm not too upset about that, let me tell you) I took Anna to the park this evening and Maggie is such a friendly dog - she kept running off after other people. I'm not in the best of shape and certainly can't keep up with an energetic puppy! Needless to say, we didn't stay too long at the park. Anna recently learned how to do the monkey bars and she LOVES it. I'm proud of how quickly she learned it and how strong she is! :o)

Now I'm doing laundry and trying to not think about the dishes in the kitchen that need to be done. I'm craving these but keep trying to ignore the ever-increasing cravings while trying to tell myself that I really just want a big bowl of broccoli. Oh yeah. On the upside, I found a babysitter for Anna on friday - because we're going to the Temple, plus I spoke with the placement adoption agency and things are moving on the dossier - so that's good. We're also having another garage sale this saturday to raise some funds for the adoption. Some good things are happening, which is nice. :o)

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Melisa said...

What a bummer to waste so many hours in the car for no class!

It sure seems like a lot is hitting you at once. Be gentle with yourself. Times of high stress aren't times to be mad at yourself and try to institute drastic changes for the most part. Sometimes big changes can be very motivating though. Just keep your stress level in check first!