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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"A big tomato!"

Anna wasn't feeling well today, so she stayed home from school. Today was supposed to be her last day of school - but the school found out that they had to make up a certain amount of snow days, so she has until next week to go. I don't mind too much - Anna absolutely LOVES school and they're doing some really fun activities for the end of school, plus I have TONS of work to do at home with the painting/organizing right now.

Today we finished the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. So, that's 5 rooms in all that are DONE! Rooms that we have left to do are our bedroom, the living room, the tv room, and the stairway/hallway. I'm eager to have it all done, but it will take a while since Tyler is going back to work tomorrow. However, he has a goal to have it all done before he starts the next quarter of school - which is in 1 1/2 weeks. So, it's nice to know that at least by then, it'll be all done.

We had some stormy weather here today, as Anna said: "A big tomato!" - meaning "a big tornado" watch here in the area. I don't mind the rain - our square foot garden is growing quite nicely and all the rain is certainly helping it along. :o) Tonight, Tyler & I are going to watch some MONK. We desperately need some downtime tonight...

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Melisa said...

I love me some Monk! :) Season 6 will be out soon!