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Friday, June 06, 2008

Strawberry Festival

It's becoming more warm by the day here in OH. I am happy to see the sun, I waited all winter for it. We had an AF picnic on-base. It was really nice - I enjoy the military life. The people are so kind and friendly and they go out of their way to get to know you - which is nice. Tyler played some ultimate frisbee and I played with Maggie and got to know another military wife, Lizet. :o)

I had my physical therapy today - only 2 more months until I'm done. I enjoy it - but some days I don't feel like driving 15 minutes away for it. The good news is that I can take Anna with me when school is out - she'll be done next thursday. Her school had to make up some snow days, that's why she's still in school. I don't mind it - mainly because she loves school so much. I'm hoping to schedule some fun summer activities once she's out of school - and after the house is painted/organized/etc.

So there's a Strawberry Festival this weekend. I've been hearing about the SF since I moved here and until today I have had a kind of romantic idea of what it was - straight out of a Jane Austen novel, a huge field of strawberries...and my family carrying quaint little baskets which we would fill with strawberries...yes, a lovely mental image. Then we would bring those strawberries home and make jams and jellies and freeze the rest for later...what a beautiful thing. But that romantic dream was shattered today when my friend, Marie, told me that there is, indeed, no strawberry field at the Strawberry Festival. Therefore, no quaint little baskets, no jams, nada. It's a festival where people sell things with strawberries in them: strawberry ice cream, pancakes, etc. No fields of strawberries...a sad thing, indeed.

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Nancy said...

The strawberry fields are north of town, and I go there almost every year to do exactly what you thought the festival would be. No quaint baskets though, just plastic buckets.

Fulton Farms on route 201. There are three fields, on both sides of the road. It is the largest strawberry farm in the midwest, or at least used to be. They are the reason the city started having the festival.