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Monday, June 16, 2008

Fundraising update

As difficult as fundraising is for this adoption - we've had our share of surprises. Today I went to deposit the $700 we made from our most recent garage sale. When I asked what our balance was, the bank teller informed me that we had $1200 split between our two bank accounts - and we thought we only had $600!! So, we have enough money to pay for our dossier application! And 2 weeks ago, a family in my church gave us a car to sell! Can you imagine that? They say it will fetch $1,000! I was overwhelmed when I heard it. They are so kind. And then tonight, I found a jar on my front porch which had $500 in it with a note saying it was for the twins. When I think of these kinds of things happening to us, I am full of gratitude to God for blessing us and for his angels who are making this miracle come true. I love you all - THANK YOU!!!


Ticklemedana said...

jilly...I am so happy for're such an you!

Melisa said...

Yeah! So happy to hear it!

Melody said...

When is your next yard sale? I found a box of things in our storage that I'd like to donate. Best of luck. It seems like you are doing wonderfully!!!