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Monday, June 16, 2008

Get 'er done

Summer vacation is here and I'm still not completely organized from the whole painting/garage sale projects, but I made progress today and it feels GREAT! First of all, I lost one pound last week - putting me at losing 30 pounds! Hooray! And I decided it was time to change my monthly donation to the YMCA to actually paying to exercise there again, so I hit the fitness room today and did the elliptical machine which felt great. Then I took Anna to my PT (physical therapy) appointment, then to the bank to deposit the garage sale money, then came home and have been doing laundry, did 2 loads of dishes and cleaned the kitchen, took Maggie to get her "nails done" (read: trimmed), sorted mail, cleaned out the car, played games with Anna, Anna's bedtime routine, had a surprise gift on my doorstep, and am beginning now to work on dossier stuff. Tyler started back to school today - only 2 quarters left and he's DONE! (it can't happen soon enough) So, I feel quite productive today and it's GREAT. :o)

Question: how do you deal with negative behavior from your child concerning religious things? Anna will say things like she never feels the Spirit, the magazine The Friend is stupid, and that she wants to be the ONLY person to return to Heavenly Father (forget the rest of the world and her family), etc. It's hard to hear these things from my little girl - any thoughts on how to react in a more positive way and on how to kindly guide her back to the truth?


Landlocked Shores said...

Ohhh.... only you and T would have a child who would say such things... I'm laughing and I don't think you will think it's funny but don't take her so seriously. :) She knows better... and she is testing YOU!

nicole said...

Isn't it great to feel so productive! I love that feeling too. Ha! Ha! I liked what you said about Maggie getting her nails done. ;)
As far as your question, I'd try to consider what Anna is getting from you when she talks that way and stop reinforcing her behavior. She probably likes all the attention she's getting. So I would completely ignore the behavior... no saying, "Oh sweetie! You know better than to say that, etc. etc." Just don't give her the attention she's looking for. And on the other hand, when she's sweet and good, reward her with tons of attention and praise. I think positive reinforcement is the key. It's a powerful tool in teaching good behavior to kids. Just an idea. :)

nicole said...

I hope it didn't sound like I don't think you should teach her that the Friend isn't stupid, or that she never feels the spirit... I just think you should teach her at another time, and not when she's trying to get a rise out of you. Just thought I'd clarify that. :)

Melisa said...

Wow. You are a busy lady!

Kathey said...

I personally think that Nicole is right on.

Love, Kathey