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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I believe in miracles

I have faith that God can do miracles. Here is one miracle that I'm praying for right now.

Today was BUSY! And it's not even over yet. I had my voice lesson - which went really well. I'm pleased with the progress that I'm making. Then I had physical therapy - only 2 more months left! YAY! Then I went to the garden store on-base, then the commissary, then wal-mart and THEN home, sweet home. I still have groceries in my kitchen that need to be put away...I made dinner, put Anna in the bath, read her stories and fixed her hair, now I need to make a bazillion rice krispy treats for the garage sale tomorrow and wrap them all up, chill the powerade, plus get all the signs ready and clean up my kitchen so it won't be the wreck it currently is tomorrow. I'm worried about doing the garage sale all by myself, I wish that Tyler could be home to help. At least Anna will be happily busy at school, at least on thursday - it's her last day of school! My baby will be in 1st grade! It's hard to believe. Tyler has been cleaning up the woodchips leftover from the trees being cut down and the stumps ground up, then he has been mowing the yard and he's also planning to go get some more tables for the garage sale tomorrow. And then tomorrow night I have the HLSG meeting at my house to prepare's a salad potluck - which should be fun. Anyhow, I'd better get busy so I can get to bed at a decent hour...


Melisa said...

Wow, Jill! When do you sleep?!

That HLSG looks cool!

Alabama Apples said...

What a busy girl you are!!! Reading your post made me tired. Good luck with your garage sale and meeting. A salad potluck sounds so yummy!