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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pray for us

We're having a 3 day garage sale beginning tomorrow. This is our 4th garage sale to raise funds for our adoption. In previous garage sales I have not had a certain amount of money in mind that I needed to earn - that is not the case this time. We have to come up with $1500 to begin the dossier and we only have $700. That means that we need to earn $800 during this garage sale (or by other means) to be able to begin the dossier. We've raised other money but it has been used for the home study and some is on our donation website but we cannot access that money until we leave for Ukraine. So, please pray for us. I have faith that within these 3 days we can raise $800. Lend me your faith, every bit helps!

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Melisa said...

You can do it!