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Monday, June 23, 2008


I've never thought of myself as someone to lose their temper. I normally take great pride in that I don't raise my voice or yell AT ALL. This evening, however, I found myself not in the best mood and really had no excuse to accomodate it. Yet there I was, quite upset over something that at the time seemed REALLY important...and...somehow all those "calming down" exercises don't seem to be appealing when you're blowing steam out of your ears! How do YOU calm down when you're about to blow up?

I woke up with a fever blister today. My favorite. And I scheduled my family pictures for this coming Saturday...probably not going to happen now...whenever I get a fever blister, it means that I have a virus. Or I'm getting over a virus. Joy. Not my favorite thing - but then, who loves to have an open sore on their lips? Aside from all that - Tyler wasn't feeling well either, due to a lack of sleeping and an increase in manual labor (no doubt) and he stayed home to rest all morning. We then hung up some pictures on the walls (now I can post some pictures from our paint job!) and it's amazing what a difference that makes! :o)

Shannon gave me two little cross stitching kits and I started teaching Anna how to cross stitch today. It was going pretty slow, but she was interested in it - so she kept at it. I think she did about 12 x's and I was happy with that. I loved to cross stitch as a kid - but I can't remember what age I began? (help me out here, Mom) Anyhow, it's a very patient pasttime, as it takes hours upon HOURS to finish up the project. I thought it might be a great activity to teach Anna some patience. Let's hope it works! Here are some pictures of my past works:

Christmas-themed, of course. I'm thinking of selling them to raise money for our adoption. Do you think these would sell?


nicole said...

Wow, those are beautiful Jill! I think those will sell for sure. Sorry you had a rough night... hope tomorrow is better. :)

Melisa said...

Jill! If you are going to sell those, please give me first crack at them! I was there as you worked on them! I have loved them for years! What price do you have in mind?

Steph said...

I am so impressed with your cross stitching. I love to do it, but it is sooo time consuming, and I am sure those took you a long time.
Let me know what you figure out with the whole temper's one of the many things that I need to work on.

Dirk said...

I want in line behind Melissa. My sis is obsessed w/ little mice and she's impossible to shop for :) Super cute!