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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little late...but

Happy Father's Day to my sweet hubby! Tyler is an excellent dad and continues to amaze me at his dedication to caring for our sweet girl. He has a daddy/daughter date every week with Anna and makes it a priority. He snuggles with Anna and loves to play games with her and take her outside to play/ride bikes/swim - whatever they can find to do! He is a wonderful dad and I'm so blessed to have him in my life! We love you!!!

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Melissa said...

Hey Jill! Glad you found me and it is great to see you too! We are back in Stillwater, Brandon decided to get his PHD so we are back. It is nice to move to a place that you are already familiar with and know people. Yup two boys, they are growing like weeds. Josh turns 5 on Monday. Yikes! Anna is sure growing up fast and congrats on the twins adoption!! Hope it all goes smoothly- we wish you the best. Oh and Tyler sure is a great dad! What a cute post!