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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The laundry is taking over

The laundry is taking over...I have at least 4, maybe 5, loads of clean laundry on my couches. (guess what I'll be doing on this fine saturday night?) It's difficult to let the household chores go when I have dossier stuff to work on - but the dossier definitely comes first.

Tyler went to Indiana to help with some flooding relief efforts that our church is heading up over there. He is so selfless to do that. I can think of many other things I need to be doing (read: laundry) and yet, Tyler sees it as an opportunity to serve others. He's such a remarkable man.

These friends and these friends are leaving town within the next week. We have been fortunate to have known them both and are trying to fit in some quality last-minute game playing before they head off to their next adventure. We'll miss you guys!!!


Melisa said...

We have matching couches! :)

Steph said...

I hear ya when it comes to laundry. I let mine pile up for way to long before I dive in and do it. I hope that it goes quickly for you.
Good for Tyler for seeing an opportunity to serve! Don't sell yourself short, Jill. You are serving as well. You are allowing your husband to go and taking care of Anna. You're serving in your own way!