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Monday, June 09, 2008

Painting & Trees

Today we continued our painting trend - and we accomplished a LOT. The only room left in our house is the C4 room - we used to have a C2 room (craft + computer) but it has merged with the customer (what Anna calls guests) & council (like family councils = family room) therefore it is now the C4 room and it's a really big room. Tyler took off work today and tomorrow and we're planning to finish the C4 room tomorrow - and then our WHOLE HOUSE WILL BE PAINTED!!! And that's pretty good for just over a week of painting. Yeah. Of course, we'll need to organize afterwards - we're using this painting project to help us go through everything in the house and determine if we're ever going to need/use it. It feels good to be getting rid of unwanted items. Plus, I found out that our town is having a town-wide garage sale day - so I can sell our unwanted items in that. It will be our 4th garage sale to raise money for our adoptions. :o)

I'm so grateful for friends. This friend's husband came to help us paint today (Thanks again!) and my friend, Maria, came over so her daughter, Elizabeth could play/swim/hang out with Anna while Tyler & I painted. Then Maria helped move lots of items out of the C4 room so we could paint easier tomorrow PLUS she did my dishes. I don't think they make friends like her very often - she's the kind of person who can't be still for any amount of time and doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves to help out in any way. I don't know what I'd do without her - she's a kindred spirit. :o) While Anna was swimming, she did some kind of flip and landed on her face on the bottom of our 3 foot deep pool - not good. Her nose is swollen now and looks like it will bruise. I took her to see a friend who's a pediatrician and he said her nose wasn't broken. (thank goodness!)

While we were having our painting party - we had a tree company come and cut down 3 big trees in our ward and grind up 5 tree stumps - our yard looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! It's much more open and I love it. The only thing our yard lacks is a fence and I hope to somehow swing that before the twins come. My mind will be at ease if I have a fence - it just seems like the right thing to do. What do you think?


Melisa said...

I hadn't realized what a huge, awesome pool you have! And you cut down trees! Wow, we totally have to get out there and see all of the changes you've made in just the last few months!

I, too, have been sitting on the fence about getting a fence. ;) We finally decided to get a 2 rail fence along the ditch and leave the rest unfenced for now. I can definitely see the benefits of a good ol' chain link, but it wouldn't really fit in our neighborhood right now. That and the money is all gone... Can't wait to see what you decide!

nicole said...

I HIGHLY recommend building a fence. I just think it's the best thing ever for kids to have a nice backyard, and to be able to roam free and explore. It's been the best thing ever for our family. Congrats on all the painting... that's a ton of work. Can't wait to see it!