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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A story by Anna

A log time ago a big gerl ate a choclit. Then she ate a nuther one. Then she gerode one. Then it gerod. Then the sun came awt. Then I plant a nuther choclit. Then sold the wind blowe me. Then I sold choclit on the choclit chue to ete. Then ate moere choclit. Then I got sic. Then I got buder. Then I ate one choclit in a day. Then went to bed. Then wate up and ate bepis then ate lunch.

Isn't that precious? Anna's kindergarten teacher has her use "her own spelling" when she writes and it's so fun to see how she thinks that words are spelled. Here's the translation, some of the words are quite different from when you read them versus hearing her read the story:

A long time ago, a big girl ate a chocolate. Then she ate another one. Then she growed one. Then it growed. Then the sun came out. Then I planted another chocolate. Then sawed the wind blow me. Then I sawed chocolate on the chocolate tree to eat. Then ate more chocolate. Then I got sick. Then I got better. Then I ate one chocolate in a day. Then went to bed. Then waked up and ate breakfast then ate lunch.

My favorite word in her story is "bepis" for breakfast. hee hee. It's so stinkin' cute! :o) I plan to post more of her stories on here - in her spelling, so I can remember it.

Today we finished the painting. Can you believe it? In one & a half weeks we painted our entire house! It's done! Well, the painting is done, at least. Now we need to organize everything that's left. Plus we're doing another garage sale this weekend, actually from thursday through saturday. My town is having a town-wide garage sale and it just seems like the time to have another adoption garage sale! It just doesn't help me get my house organized...but there's always next week! (I hope) We're now beginning our dossier which is the set of paperwork which will be translated and sent to Ukraine. Assembling those documents is another thing I need to be doing - if I weren't so busy, I'd probably be crying over my list of to-dos, but I'm trying to take it one step at a time. Oh, I also lost another 2 pounds last week and 1/2 an inch. :o) Progress...onward, ever onward.


Melisa said...

MMMMM chocolate! Smart girl to write about chocolate. :)

Congrats on the painting completetion. And the weight loss! You go girl!

Carina said...

That story is simply adorable! Great idea to keep a record of her spelling. I'm learning already the value of documenting everything, as they grow up so fast (and my son isn't even six months old yet!).

Great job on the painting, and good luck with the garage sale! I'm very impressed with your dedication to getting the twins here. What a wonderful addition they will be to your family.

Oh, and your record of weight loss is really inspiring to me! I'm trying to get motivated to lose weight myself, because I want to be at a relatively healthy weight before becoming pregnant again. That, and I want to look better for myself and for my husband =D. We can do it! Keep at it!

Ticklemedana said...

awesome...I love the color you chose for the girls' room! it's so pretty...and I also love that Anna is clutching a care of life, no? =D

oh...and hidden on my page, i've started a weight loss tracker of my own...LOL...let's do it! =D