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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swim day!

Annaism of the day: "God made me with no patience!" Yes, patience is one thing that we struggle with in our household. Don't you just wish that some of your attributes bypassed your children?

This morning Tyler & I went to meet with the immunizations physician to prepare for our pending trip to Ukraine. I was optimistic that it was strictly an advice meeting and wouldn't require any shots. Boy, was I wrong! I was given 4 shots in my upper left arm - 2 of which have made me REALLY sore. I took some pain pills, but they haven't helped much. This afternoon I went to physical therapy; Anna & I played "go fish" during that time. It was really fun! She's such a fun girl to hang out with. :o) This evening, Sarah and her kiddos came over to swim with Anna. They had fun and so did us girls. Here are some photos:


Landlocked Shores said...

I wish your friends didn't password protect their blogs :) I wanna get to know them to!

The swimming looks like a blast!

Sarah C said...

Cute Pictures! Fun Memories!

Melisa said...

Owwww, my boys hate shots. Bummer!