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Monday, August 11, 2008

First Grade

I finished ECLIPSE today. It was great - and I'm ready for the finale. In some ways I'm not ready for the story to be over - but my hubby is wondering when his wife will return, so perhaps it's better that I finish Breaking Dawn quickly! I can't wait to (finally!) be able to discuss it with everyone! :o)

Today was Anna's first day of first grade! Can you believe it? She's getting SO BIG! Her teacher, Mrs. M. seems like a very nice person and Anna is very excited about being in her class. When I picked Anna up today, she said "Goodbye Mrs. M. - you're the best first grade teacher EVER!" I think this will be a good year for her. :o)

Since Anna began school today - I started (what I hope to become a habit) the day early. I was up at 7am (for those of you who are up earlier - I am not worthy) and helped Anna get breakfast, do her hair, etc. After Tyler took her to school, I went on a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood - the weather was perfect for a walk - then I showered, got ready for the day, did dishes, started some laundry, practiced the piano, and took some packages to the post office...all before 10am. Oh yeah, it felt AWESOME to be so productive! Then I went to my physical therapy session, picked up Anna after school, and went shopping for her school supplies on-base with a visit to the commissary for some groceries. Then Tyler had two of his work buddies come over to help move a piano into our garage (we're looking to sell it for our adoption - let me know if you're interested in buying it!) and they were here around dinner so I made dinner for that point - I was on the couch, putting my feet up. WHEW! It's been a BUSY day and I hope that it will wear me out enough for me to get to bed earlier tonight. I hope.


Alabama Apples said...

It does sound like a good start for Anna. Jos started school today, too. I hope I can get into a nice early routine, too.

Sarah C said...

I am glad Anna likes her teacher. It sounds like you had a great day. Good job getting so many things done yesterday. You are starting some great habits. Way to go!

Melisa said...

Awesome, Jill! Way to go!

Rachel Teran said...

You're selling your piano? Sadness.

Queen Mother said...

You must be tired! I am tired just reading about your day!