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Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Calling

Not for me, but for Tyler. He's been called as the Elder's Quorum President. He's pretty overwhelmed but I'm certain he'll do well in his calling. He does well in most things he does and he takes seriously any calling extended to him. I'm excited to see his leadership abilities grow as he serves. He's a good man. :o)

Tomorrow Anna begins first grade. She had a blessing tonight by her daddy and is now bathed and in bed. I'm sure that 7am will come too quickly for her - as we've been sleeping in for most of the summer. So with the school year here I am eager to do some deep cleaning which I've managed to somehow avoid during the summer. The fridge really needs to be cleaned. I've almost gotten all the laundry put away - but it seems that by the time I put away everything - there's enough laundry to be doing another 2 loads...and there's only 3 people in the house!

My recent goal for my house is this: if I don't need it - then I don't want it in my house. In other words, "simplify simplify simplify". I can feel SUCH a difference already - I'm planning to attack Anna's room sometime soon while she's in school and go through her closet to get rid of things she doesn't use. Of course, I won't be doing much until I finish Eclipse tomorrow and also finish Breaking Dawn shortly thereafter. ;o)

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Melisa said...

Wow, Jill. His life, and therefor your life, is about to get a lot busier! Sounds fun!

I can't wait for school to start!