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Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm ready

I'm ready to be there. I feel like I'm just filling the hours before we leave next week for Ukraine. I feel like I've absorbed enough information about the trip - just get me there, already! I'm wanting to bring a gift back for my 6 year-old daughter, Anna. Any ideas of gifts that I can get for her while in Ukraine?


Diana said...

A matrushka doll, a carved wood box or plate, and a hand painted wood egg depicting the Savior. You can find some BEAUTIFUL stuff on "souvenier street" in Kiev, but they are also $$$. If you have opportunity to go shopping for souveniers in region, do it. They will not only be unique to your region, but will also be less expensive.

I also highly recommend a bishop's blessing before leaving. :-)

DoveFamily said...

I second Diana's suggestion of the nesting dolls. We brought quite a few back for the grandparents and my nieces. We purchased them on the sourvenir street outside of the SDA. In most cases we were able to talk them down on price because we were buying multiple items. Our son even picked out a Lion King-themed nesting doll set, and my husband got an Indianapolis Colts set. And we found a lady selling the pysanky (painted eggs) for about $1 each - again, the more you bought, the better the deal.

If you celebrate Christmas, I also suggest buying an ornament as a family keepsake. We bought one that is painted with a picture of one of the churches in Kyiv and it's beautiful.

Shelley said...

I agree with the nesting dolls...BIG hit with the entire family. For my girls, I actually bought them hand made dolls while in Kiev. They're beautiful and the girls love them. I let them keep them to play with and after a couple of weeks, the girls asked that the dolls be added to our Ukraine display(I also bought some breakable dolls and stuff for me!). So, that's where they are now.

Alice said...

I'm so excited for you!

Kathy C. said...

I'm no help with the Ukraine. My kids got machetes from Haiti. They went along on one trip and picked them. Also wooden necklaces and paintings.