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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I feel very peaceful lately. With our trip being less than 2 weeks away - I would imagine myself to be an emotional wreck, but amazingly, I am not. Today Tyler & I went coat shopping. I'm not a fan of coats because I feel like they make me look BIG. But I found this one in black and I thought it looked nice. I like Lane Bryant. Most of their styles help me feel attractive despite it being plus size. I've been told that EVERYONE in Ukraine wears black or grey. It doesn't matter - I won't be dressed in drab the whole time. I intend on wearing colorful shirts underneath my black coat. I'll show them.

I'm happy to say that my friend, Melisa, will be stopping by on friday night. I haven't seen them in MONTHS. And, granted, they'll only be here for a few hours, it will still be nice to catch up.

Tyler is currently outside (it's cold AND dark - what a great man) helping a guy in our ward to take down a fence. I'm amazed at Tyler's ability to serve others. He "claims" that I am more service-oriented than he is, but I disagree. This is the second time in just this week that he's been out serving someone else - and it's only wednesday. He truly is a wonderful man. I'm so grateful to be his wife.


Melisa said...

Can't wait to see your painted house! Nice coat too!

Kathey said...

I'm so glad you are peaceful. What a gift! Enjoy your time there, and please do journal about everything.

Love, Kathey

nicole said...

It's so nice when Heavenly Father blesses us with that peace. The Prophet Joseph Smith said that "Faith and worry cannot exist in the same mind at the same time" So for you to have that peace about your upcoming life-changing adventures, shows great faith on your part. Thanks for your example!

Sarah said...

It is nice to feel peace. Enjoy it while you can!! The more kids...the less peace! Just joking, I like your new coat too! Coats and shoes are definately my thing!! Good luck in Ukraine!

Courtney said...

Whatever else you do, make sure your coat is WARM!! :) :)