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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Doctor, Doctor! Give me the news!

This afternoon we rode in our newly repaired car ($400 later...) to the on-base hospital for Keith & Kristina's physicals. The appointments were with different doctors and so Tyler took Kristina to her doctor and I took Keith to his.

Kristina's results: she is 4 & 1/2 years old & she is 2nd % in weight (she weighs 28 pounds), 1% in height. She got her immunization shots (5 shots total) her in thighs - poor little girl. She has a referral to see an opthamalogist for her strabismus (very common in orphans) and a psychologist.

Keith's results: he is also 4 & 1/2 years old & he weighs 23 pounds (tiny, people). The doctor said he is functioning at the level of a 6-9 month old child. The doctor brought in a specialist, Randy -who happens to be in our church, and he asked the other (younger) doctor to make a list. Randy listed at least 6 referrals for Keith of various areas, such as gastrointestinal, opthamalogy, hearing, dental, etc. I felt it was a miracle that Randy was brought in to help us with our kids and he showed extra interest and concern about them both.

Tyler wasn't too thrilled with Kristina's doctor and her expertise - so Randy transferred Kristina over to him and to Keith's doctor so they could work on both kids. As Randy named referral after referral, I felt overwhelmed and emotional at the thought that Keith will get the care that he needs to help him progress. It was as if Randy was our own angel helping us with our angel. God continues to bless us with miracles in this adoption journey.
We had an x-ray taken of Keith and the doctor called us back with the results - his tummy is really tight because he's backed up - more than the doctor said he's ever seen in a child. So we've been having fun (not really) with suppositories and enemas this evening. Already this little guy has purged 3 cups from his 23 pound body! (I wonder how much of his weight is his bowels?!) The doctor has labeled him as "ASAP" on all of his appointments, so Keith will see the GI doctor on monday for a "procedure" to clean him out. Poor guy. Also on monday he's due to have blood draws and his immunization shots. Hello Motrin!

Here are some pictures of our blessings:
Kristina eating macaroni & cheese for the very first time. She loved it.

Keith also eating mac'n'cheese & loving it, too. :o)

My babies!
Keith watching a Christmas video. He leans his head way back to see the t.v.
Maggie - scared and curious of the two new kids.
Anna doing homework - very important!
Keith playing with his favorite toy - thanks Valerie!
Beautiful Anna!

Kristina with her first cupcake - yeah, we thought it was important to introduce her to some healthy American snacks. ;o)
Happy girls eating lunch together. :o)


Sarah C said...

Jill- I am glad the doctor appointments went well. I am glad Keith and Kristina will be able to receive the care they need. The pictures you posted today and SOOO CUTE! I love your family. I am glad things are going well overall. I know you are having trials right now. It looks like the blessings are flowing in also. You are a great mom. Keith, Kristina, and Anna are all so lucky to have you as their mommy. You are wonderful.

MoserUpdates said...

I love seeing the updated pictures and hearing about your experiences. You have 3 beautiful's encouraging for someone still in the waiting process.

Liz said...

Was that doctor Randy Zernzach? He was Sydney's Pediatrician when we were stationed at Hill AFB in Utah and then I met him and his wife when we moved to Ohio. It's a small world.

Jana said...

Dr. Randy was the one that referred K to PT and OT a few years ago. Whenever we see him, he still is asking about how she is doing. What a wonderful experience to find someone who wants to help so much!