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Friday, November 28, 2008

Our first/last invitation

Today our good friends, Trent & Valene, invited us over for turkey leftovers and games. It was our first time being invited over since we got the kids. We spruced the kids up and they looked great. We were there about 30 minutes and all was well. I realized that Keith's forehead was a little warm. I mentioned it to Tyler and he felt his forehead. I figured that he was fine, since he is usually sweating most of the time. So I put him on the floor and went to get him some lunch. 2 minutes later he threw up all. over. the. place. Wow. We bathed him and changed his clothes (I had thankfully packed an extra set) and I rocked him to sleep. 1 hour later (while he was asleep) he threw up (again) all. over. me. Yeah. Another bath, but not another set of clothes for him. Or me. So homeward bound we went. I hope that Valene will forget the scent of vomit in her home and find it in her to invite us over again. *sigh* The crazy part? Keith gave us NO sign that he wasn't feeling well. It was completely out of the blue. Let's hope it was a 24-hour deal and that he'll be 100% fine soon.

On another note, I have been concerned about Keith & Kristina's lack of clothing. With Keith, well, I've never had a son - so I don't have boys clothes lying around. We bought him a few 3T things at the store after coming home - he has about 5 full outfits and 2 pairs of pajamas. With Kristina - I figured that I'd have lots of clothes for her size, 4T, because Anna was that size a couple of years ago. However, when I went through Anna's clothes, all I found was ONE OUTFIT. *gasp* I must have given away her clothes, thinking that when I finally had another child - we'd have the money to buy new clothes. I'm here to say that we do not have the money to buy a whole wardrobe for Kristina. In fact, after this adoption trip - Christmas is going to be on the lean side in the way of gifts. However, Tyler was cleaning out the garage today and he ran across a tub of clothes that Valerie gave me before I left for Ukraine, which I had forgotten about. I am happy to say that Keith now has 4 pairs of jeans, khaki pants, corduroy pants, several shirts and sweats and coats, shoes, and 4 more pairs of pajamas. Wow. He's totally set, except for some church clothes, and suspenders - because I think a boy needs to wear suspenders & a bowtie, too. (They're SO CUTE!) Anyhow, there were even a few shirts for Kristina. Thanks Valerie!!! I still need more clothes for Kristina - but some variety into her 5 outfit wardrobe is welcome! And these clothes should reduce the daily laundry we've been doing. At least, theoretically.


Tami said...

Awwww man! Poor little guy. Hope he's feeling better soon...and that no one else catches it!
If you lived closer I would run over some clothes we have. Maddie is still in a size 4T, but I have some boy clothes in boxes. Sorry.

Diana said...

Hopefully your little guy is feeling better and it's just some yucky flu bug that will be over and done with fairly soon. It could, however, be part of the whole "being backed up" thing. I know some of the meds (including suppositories) can make my son really sick. If it starts coming out the other end looking like muddy water, you might want to consider the "bowel cleanout program" as a possibility. Ugh! It is SOOO not fun!

Mandy said...

Has Keith had the chicken pox yet?
Hope he feels better soon....and his mommy too, since it's hard on you too :)

monicalrobbins said...

Hi Jill,
My name is Monica and I've been following your blog for a while. Congratulations on your two blessings! I've been praying for you and your family! We are in the process of adopting a special needs boy from Russia. Could you email me off-blog? I want to ask you about Christina's size, etc. Here's my email:


Melisa said...

Thanks again for letting me visit. Your children are adorable. I'm so glad I got to meet the new ones before moving!

Did Keith and Evan recognize each other? How did that go?

Nancy said...

Five of my grandchildren (living in three different cities) have had the same symptoms Keith has within the past week. Feeling fine then suddenly throwing up. With each of them they threw up three or four times over a period of a few hours, then it was over with. No other symptoms, nothing came of it. It obviously is making its rounds all over, so let's hope that is what he has.

Valerie said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry to hear that Keith is so sick! I hope he is feeling better soon. I am glad that you are able to get some use out of those clothes! I have some more pajamas for Keith if you need them (Evan is the only one in 3T and we have more 3T than he will ever use). What shoe size is he in? I have several pairs in a few different sizes, so don't buy any yet.

We are headed home tomorrow (Sunday), so I will call you as soon as we get back so that we can get together! Praying everyone feels better soon.

Brenda Erickson Photography said...

I hope Keith is feeling better. The kids look great and it sounds like everything is going well. I tried to post to you on the RR yahoo board but you must not have seen it. I was wondering if Kristina is a 3t or a 4t? I have some things I could send her. Email me if you are interested