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Friday, November 28, 2008

It's that time again

So, Christmas cards or Christmas letters? Professional pictures or taken by a friend? How do you tackle the December letters that are sent to family and friends each year? Do you order the cards, special made? Scrapbook them? Print them yourself or at a store? What do you do? I want to hear your ideas.

Annaism: (speaking to Tyler) "Mama just wants to blog on herself".


Jason and Lissa said...

We decided that we like to order Christmas cards through Wal-Mart using non-professional pictures. Then we like to send them with a Christmas letter to friends and family... although someone always gets left out! We like to print and fold the letters personally. We also like to put Christmas and winter themed stickers on the envelopes. And when I say that "we" do all this work, I really mean "Lissa" does it. What a wife!! :)


Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

What I do is just buy the Christmas cards after christmas sales... then I usually write a note either inside the card or on a piece of paper and then to immediate family we usually put a picture of us inside the card. And we usually just take the picture ourselves and then go to Rite Aid or i guess since dayton doesn't have rite aids...a walgreens or something and we print out the amount of pictures we need.