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Saturday, November 29, 2008


So I've read all the TWILIGHT series and loved it. Then I found out about Midnight Sun and I've been reading it. It's the book TWILIGHT from Edward's perspective. If you like TWILIGHT, you should read it.

I went in for a pedicure when I got home from Ukraine. My feet were cracked and quite painful from all the walking I did in Ukraine. The lady who did my pedicure said the same thing that they all say to me: use vasoline on your feet. "Yeah, yeah," I'd say. Well this time, I thought, "Why not?" So I put some on my feet. Oh. My. Goodness. It works! It works so well that I put some on the tops of my hands - which get chapped this time of year. It's amazing! Vasoline. Who knew? (this is a rhetorical question, but I guess you could say that the pedicurist lady knew)

How did you Black Friday shopping go? I actually didn't do any Christmas shopping that day. I'm not a big fan of going shopping when I have zero money to spend. Somehow that takes all the fun out of going shopping. I did manage to buy some diapers and wipes, though. Does that count?

My sister, Heather, and her hubby and daughter will be coming out for Christmas this year. I. Cannot. Wait. It will be so fun to celebrate my favorite holiday with my sister & her family. Speaking of Christmas - what fun traditions do you have this time of year? Any special treats that you make? Decorations that you absolutely CANNOT live without putting up? Let's hear it!


Melisa said...

I'm glad you found the link for Midnight Sun. Isn't it awesome?! I wish she would finish it. Sigh.

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

do you own the whole twilight series? Can I borrow it sometime if you do? i read the first book... and then i saw the movie and thought i'd finish it. But, i dont really want to wait for it at the library.

As for christmas traditions or what i like to put up for christmas... I put up all my decorations...which aren't a whole lot. This year i made some truffles and they turned out soooo good that i'm going to continue to make them every year. For the Relief Society thing on December 2 i made chocolate covered cherries. I really like the ones with dark chocolate. So, if you come to that enrinchment that's the one i would recommend to eat. The white chocolate with chocolate swirl on top are okay...they just taste a lot like shortening. lol and then the white chocolate w/o chocolate on top are fine too. And for traditionds...Rob and i are going to start doing the Christmas Pickle ornament.

Chocolate Inspector said...

Hi Jill! Vasoline is great. Tyra Banks even had it as a secret for her beauty regimin. My other favorite thing is baby oil after a shower. While you're still wet and before toweling off, lotion on baby oil (not too thick) Then towel dry and your skin will stay so moist. I'm addicted.

What marks the holidays for me is fudge and the music. In fact I use the Fantasy Fudge recipe you have posted (they changed the chocolate in the new recipe listed on the marshmallow creme, but it's the same only useing the bag of chips). It's SO good. My mom accidently used 2 sticks of butter one time and liked it even better, it was a bit softer. That is dangerous left on my counter, the fudge is gone in 2 days and even though I feel a bit sick from fudge overload, it's so hard not to keep eating it. :)