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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let's hope it gets better

Not only is Keith sick - he has strept throat, too. Why not? Let's just add any other sickness that's going around so we can get it all out of the way. Keith started getting a rash on his upper chest area and neck and had a fever. We called our friend, Ben, who is a doctor, to help Tyler give Keith a priesthood blessing and to look him over. After some struggles from Keith, Ben got a good look in his throat and said he has strept. Oh boy. That explains his lack of desire to swallow anything. Today has been a battle to help him get any fluids down. He has diarrhea, so he needs to drink but he won't. So I've been using a teaspoon dropper to administer pedialite to my son - one teaspoon at a time. It takes FOREVER, but it should help him stay hydrated. Poor little guy.

Kristina is doing pretty well - the chicken pox are almost completely gone. She's happy. What more could I ask for? (except for Keith to be healthy) My childhood friend, Sarah, drove in to visit me today. I've known her since the 3rd grade. She is an amazing person. Can I just dote on her a bit? She's my age (30) and hasn't had the opportunity to marry (yet). She is a social worker in her state and works with children. She has a sister who has made some choices to have two children, but is unable to care for these children. Sarah stepped forward and has been their legal guardian for over a year now. She takes complete care of these children. She is so generous and kind. Her income barely meets their needs. I wish that I could help her financially as she goes about helping these sweet little girls (ages 5 & 3). She is a great example to me of reaching out to these children so that they can have a bright future. Despite her hard times with money, she shows up at my house with a toy for all 3 of my kids plus some jam for me. What a woman.

Sarah & me
Sarah & Anna
Trying to snuggle Keith.
Pucker up, baby!

Isn't this the sweetest picture ever?!?!

Sleeping, at last...

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Melisa said...

Poor Keith and poor mama!

Your friend sounds amazing. What a remarkable lady.