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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Keith went to the pediatric dentist today. This dentist actually works mainly with special needs children. Considering how much Keith hates to be messed with in any way, Tyler said the dental visit went better than he expected. Keith had zero cavities - how's that for not having his teeth brushed EVER before we got him? Of course, he didn't eat anything sweet, perhaps there's a lesson in there somewhere...anyhow, the dentist said Keith's mouth was reminiscent of a child with Down Syndrome, being a big mouth, but he also said that his tongue isn't enlarged and it doesn't appear that he has DS, but that his large mouth may be indicative of another type of special needs, likewise with his top front teeth that stick out pretty far - of course, he also said that could just be a genetic thing. Who knows? He also said that most special needs children aren't intellectually "with him" during the dental procedures, but he said that Keith was very much aware and mentally acute during the visit. He said that he thinks it's possible that Keith's problems may stem from just a lack of stimulation throughout his short life.

As for Keith's strept throat, he won't drink much at all (read: without being forced to do so), but we try to mix in a lot of liquids into his already pureed food. He was eating more solid foods before he got strept throat, but now refuses to do so. I've been blending up the food we eat - which saves money. I made grits tonight with pureed peaches and he LOVED them. The baked beans and creamed corn? Not so much. We have three more appointments with Keith this week: cardiology, speech, & feeding. I'm so grateful for the military facilities that we have access to - they are wonderful!

Kristina is doing well. I've been teaching her to say "My name is Kristina" which sounds like "My naamuh es Pistina", very cute. She is quite affectionate and gives me hugs and kisses all day long. She enjoys playing with Anna and I often hear them giggling and playing together. Anna is a good big sister and feels empowered in her role to teach Kristina about various things. Kristina has an appointment with the dentist soon and will be getting speech therapy and occupational therapy as well.

I want to THANK those who have offered to help us with things for Keith & Kristina. You have blessed us so much. Not only have I gained two beautiful children through this adoption process, but I have made such good friends with you all. Thank you so very much. You are our angels here on earth.


Leah said...

I don't know if I've commented on your blog before. I read it all the time though! LOL's kind of odd what the dentist said. Clearly, he doesn't know that much about DS! (our pediatric dentist, who treats a lot of kids with DS, says the same dumb things sometimes.) Kids with DS don't have large tongues, or large mouths! In fact, their mouths are usually SMALL, with a low palate, which makes their tongue APPEAR too large for their mouth. As for being "with him" when they're in the chair. That was just plain an odd statement! I don't know about other people's kids, but my Angela (12 with Down Syndrome) is so busy trying to tell the dentist what to do next that he has a hard time getting anything done! LOL Kieth doesn't even come CLOSE to appearing to have DS. To me his features are more reminiscent of FAS.

I'm really enjoying reading about your journey with your expanding family!

MamaPoRuski said...

I love the "Pistina!" She probably says it with all sweet sincerity too! We too came home without a cavity last year and one year of eating sweets he had his first cavity and filling last week :(. Looking forward to hearing the other amazing progresses of your kids!

Kathey said...

I'm glad things are going so well. Yes, it's a struggle, but so much progress is being made. And I'm so glad that Anna and "Pistina" get along so well. How very, very fun for both of them and for you. Talk about a life-changing experience for everyone. WOW!

Love, Kathey