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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm blessed by others

I imagine that I'm not the only person who is struggling financially right now. With the economic crisis that is occurring and the problems with the housing market and losses of jobs going on, it's probably more difficult to find someone who is doing fine. Our adoption journey to Ukraine ended up costing us more than we had anticipated, and we were already down to the wire with what we thought it would cost. I have a strong testimony that God blesses us when we do what he asks us to do. We were inspired of God to adopt our two children. And we went into debt knowing that He would help us make it through. It's always miraculous to see the ways in which he fulfills our needs. Almost always, they are met by others. Today is no exception. There are angels among us (local and not local) who are helping our family with clothing for our new children and with toys and learning materials for them. These angels also want to give things to our older daughter, Anna, which brings me to tears. It must be difficult for her to see her siblings getting so much attention all the time. Again, these angels remember her. God knows each of us individually and is gracious and kind. Likewise, these angels remember us and take great care to bless us. I thank you all for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I hope to be able to help others in the future as you are helping us now. God bless you.


Dianah said...

You are a strong woman! You have such a testimony and I know that you will be blessed for the things you are doing for the Lord's children.

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

hey... so i looked at the infertility blog that you have posted on this blog... i know it's for women who already have children who are having problems concieve again, but i must say it's still worth reading for me. And i'm glad that you put that on your blog! It's nice to know that there are other women who are having the same problems as me. So, thanks for putting the blog on this blog!!!

Karin said...

We have had angels among us lately, as well. I am grateful that we are all on this journey and are realizing that we can make this life much more enjoyable by working together to help each other. I know you have angels all around you!! We are thinking of you!