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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Traditions, part five

Christmas-themed movies. There are SO many movies that are popular this time of year. Here are the ones that I try to watch before Christmas comes:

WHITE CHRISTMAS. Danny Kaye is a favorite actor of mine and he reminds me of my step-dad, Bob, who passed away in 1999. Watching this movie helps me feel that he's still with me, somehow. Here's a favorite song from the show:

THE BISHOP'S WIFE. This is a very romantic Christmas story - watch it with your sweetheart. Here's a clip I like: Dudley is an angel and he's helping to write the Christmas sermon.

THE SNOWMAN. This is a recent favorite of mine. This song "walking in the air" is beautiful. I found this on for $5.

A WALT DISNEY CHRISTMAS. I watched this as a child and LOVED it. I still love it. My favorite part is when the doll says "Mammie!" So cute!

MR KRUEGER'S CHRISTMAS. I love this show. It isn't very long and I always cry. I feel close to my Savior, Jesus Christ, when watching this short video. I've posted the entire show right here. It's 25 minutes long, so take a look - you won't regret it.


jennifer said...

White Christmas is an essential part of the holiday season! My mom and I enjoy watching it together...

monicalrobbins said...

What a great list of movies (and recipes!) I LOVE the song "Walking in the Air" My son sang this at a Christmas concert a couple of years ago with his pure, sweet soprano voice. Then he sang it in German the next year. Thanks for the video clip! I have it on VHS somewhere but I can never find it. It brings back lots of memories!