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Thursday, January 08, 2009

National de-lurking week

I found out here that it is National de-lurking week! So I'd like to know all your lurkers out there! So leave a comment and lurk no more. Tell me who you are, how you found me, what your plans are this weekend, etc! My stat counter says I get over 700 hits a week but I don't even know who most of you are so it's time to introduce yourself. :o)


MoonDog said...

I am an adoptive mom to a little guy from Russia. Reading your blog reminds me so much of the things we went through bringing home Ethan, and the things we still go through having a large family(4 kids).

MoserUpdates said...

I am a 31 year old hopeful new mom in 2009. We're looking to adopt a child or children from the Ukraine, and our dossier is waiting to be reviewed, and hopefully submitted in Feb. We started the process in Jan 08 and are very anxious.

I've really enjoyed hearing about your experiences. Your transparency is refreshing and educational. I love your children. They are all so sweet and precious!


Tami said...

I can't exactly be accused of lurking, but I wanted to say hi anyway. I don't know if I ever really introduced myself.
I'm the mom of four awesome internationally adopted kids. Alek (10), Anya (8), Nick (7) and Maddie (4). We just brought Maddie home about 11 months ago, so we're still dealing with the same things that you're starting to experience. Thankfully we've been through this three times before so we hav a bit of experience to draw from...although every adoption is an experience all its own.
Congratulations again on bringing Kristina and Keith home. They are an absolute blessing! :)

Megan said...

I'm a friend and co-worker of Jennifer Kines. I love reading both of your blogs. Your children are adorable! :)

Melisa said...

Hi, my name is Melisa, and I'm an addict. I've been stalking Jill for about, oh, 8 yrs now? Love you!

RML said...

I have loved reading about you building your precious family and look forward to your journey ahead!

Delurking, Renia in Munich.

Marnie and Jeremy said...

I am Marnie and not totally a lurker. I am the mother of 4 boys and one girl ages 3-21. Jyly will be with us 1 year on Jan 14th and we are in process for a 1 year old from Korea. For all blog stalkers, we have 2 blogs: and . Jill, I have completely enjoyed following your journey. I found you from Valerie's blog. Congratulations on your beautiful family!

The Red Thread Kids: said...

Ok ok, you've caught me.

Here I am, De-Lurking. It is quite possible I introduced myself many many months ago - back when you were still expecting little Katya :( But its been a long, long while if I did. And I know that little girl will forever be in your hearts, and I know one day she will look at you and smile.

On that note, God works in wonderful ways. And I think
he's found a home for three of
his orphaned children here on Earth. There is no doubt in my mind Kristina was meant to be in your family and he trusted you specifically with her. You who gave her the chance when no one else would give her a chance past her picture and prognosis.

What wonderful love.

Also, I am LDS. I am looking at adoption one day for sure, but right now I must get my own life in order.

It was a wonderful wonderful blessing to follow your adoption journey.

Take care, sweet family,
Talk to you all soon.


AussieKirstie said...

hi im kirstie im a 29y.o from australia i stumbled across the rr site by accident and found your blog through there i just love to read of how the children from countries who cant care for them right are now with loving families who can
keith and kristina are beautiful kids congratulations

Amy said...

HI Jill!
I will delurk as well!!!
I found your blog while poking around at Reeces Rainbow. For months I watched the pictures of your son (and sis) hoping that someone was going to take them home soon! I was thrilled to read that you were going to get them!

I have three adopted children from Ukraine - and I have to say that I am a blogging adict when it comes to Ukrainian adoption!!!

Take care!

Karen J said...

I've talked to you before but I guess I am a lurker. We are getting ready to leave in 10 days for our appointment on Jan 21. We will be adopting a sibling group of 3 or so. I've enjoyed your posts and have learned a lot.

smctiver said...

Hi Jill,

I'm a fellow AAC hope-to-be-soon adoptive Mom. We "met" at one of the chats just before you travelled to Ukraine. We are adopting 2 older brothers from Uzbekistan. Our blog is at - but things are very slow, so I haven't updated a lot lately.

I really enjoy your blog - you have a wonderful family!

Christy said...

Hi Jill,
I have two sons, one biological, one adopted from Ukraine in 2005. I've enjoyed following your journey. Found your blog from a posting on the Ukraine Yahoo Group. Feel free to come over and visit our blog at


MamaPoRuski said...

I think someone is making that up! LOL! We met through RR, travel in two weeks to begin our second Ukrainian adoption!
God Bless!

DoveFamily said...

We adopted our now 6-year-old son from Ukraine in Nov/Dec 07. I've really enjoyed following your adoption adventures!

Jennifer in Georgia

helpusadopt said...

I am a lurker! No, but I found you from Monica Robbins website. We were thinking of adopting from Ukraine, but now are adopting from S. Korea. My plans? Wow, I have none...maybe to lurk on more blogs and read what they are doing..LOL. I may steal this idea. It's great!

Darlene said...

Guilty!I am a lurker. I enjoy reading about your adoption journey and I hope to adopt in the next year.

Christine said...

Hi! Just stopping by. We too have adopted from Ukraine!

Cara and Doug said...

Found your site on RR. We too live in Ohio and have adopted from Ukraine. For all you lurkers out there our blog is

Love reading and seeing your kiddos grow!