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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Photo collage programs

Okay, I've been wanting to post pictures about Anna's fun birthday party/sleepover - complete with 30+ pictures...but I want to make them into photo collages so I don't have to spend an hour uploading them. I had a program that worked great on my laptop which was compatible with Windows XP - but now we have a desktop which works with Windows VISTA. Hence, I have no cool program to do photo collages. I need your wisdom. Do you know of a FREE program that I can download and use? I await your knowledge and wisdom, as usual.


Sarah C said...

Picasa is a good one.
HP photo essentials has several different versions.

Sarah C said...

I just checked and Picasa will download with Windows Vista.

Melisa said...

I've always wondered how people do that! I just love doing slide shows because it is so easy.

marlene said...

Picasa - it is the best (and easiest) for photo collages...and free :)