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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another sibling?

Tyler was reading some of our papers from the adoption today and found the parental termination rights for Keith's mom. Apparantly, 2 years after Keith was born, his mom had another child (a boy, we think). I'm amazed that we never heard anything about this while we were there. I wonder where that child is? Orphanage? With the mom? Already adopted? We're hoping to find out more information, if it's possible. Anyone else experience this?


MoonDog said...

we had all the same questions when we came home from Russia. we got the run around as I said in RR. you can file a form with bcis or whatever they are called now to get back the info you gave to immigration in the super secret sealed envelope. I have heard of other people finding out about sibs this way. I cant recall what the form number is but its an easy one to fill out. I filled it out but I never was able to get it notarized before we moved and now I dont know where it is and I just havent had time sincce moving.

Diana said...

Oh, my word. There was SOOO much stuff that was never disclosed to us while we were in Ukraine, but was right there plain as day in our adoption documents. No wonder our judge was hesitant about granting our adoption! He had everything right there in front of him in his native tongue. And of course, we gave a sworn statement in court that everything had been disclosed to us. HA!!!

Anyway, I'd highly recommend doing a bio family search for both your kids. You'll most likely be able to find out quite a bit about their background and history. It's such incredibly valuable information for their healing if nothing else. They're really not that expensive - or at least not nearly as expensive as we thought it would be, even going over to never, never land.

Melisa said...

That would be a lot of information to digest, huh.

Shelley said...

There is a man who lives not far from where you adopted Keith from that will do a search for you and get any information that you'd like to know about your childrens' families or whatever. He's very cheap compared to others in Ukraine we have contacted and he has a lot of great references. We're going to use him to get information about our son(who was at the same orphanage as Keith). Le me know if you'd like the contact info for this man. I'm sure he could get some answers for you.

adoptedthree said...

I have known siblings both adopted and one may be in an orphanage as well of my children.

It is hard to fathom what their fates might be. Finding the children though will be something that we plan to do.

A good search team can do this for you. We had an amazing gentleman that lived in Kramatorsk do it for us.

Amy said...

We had a similar thing happen to us... We have since found the sibling and have stayed in contact with him.
I agree with others - a bio-search would be a good idea. Sometimes on the court documents they list how many "pregnancies" the mother has had - not necessarily children.. A bio search is a good idea - though they can be a little pricey and sometimes you don't get the info you would have hoped for - but sometimes you get way more than you ever dreamed!
We used Gene Sagin... he did a good job for us at a reasonable cost.. he comes highly recommended!

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