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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Video Games

Do you play video games? We hadn't played...until a certain friend introduced us to Dr. Mario. Now we own a wii, too. We enjoy playing video games together as a family and with friends. We like going over to Trent & Valene's house. They also have Guitar Hero. For being musical - I stink at it, but it's way fun.

Keith doesn't play, but he loves being around noise - therefore, video games are perfect.

Kristina is happy no matter what we do!

Trent & Anna playing wii.

Kurt, K.C. (when he was visiting), & Marie playing Guitar Hero.

Kristina & Anna playing wii.


Sarah C said...

That looks like fun. You kids are so cute.

Melisa said...

Looks fun! I have still never played a Wii. Someday....

Ticklemedana said...

I LOVE rockband and guitar hero...I'm expert on Guitar...=D and'd be awesome at Rockband cause you can sing, though you probably won't know a lot of the songs..

Regan said...

Jill, I love Rock Band! Some of the music is just a bit over the edge for me but I love it. Being absolutely a musical dud I love it because I can pretend I'm MUSICAL!

monicalrobbins said...

I am a Dr Mario fan from WAY back...let's see, without aging myself too much...about 12 or so years ago! It is definitely my all time favorite. Do you have it for Wii?

Michele said...

I know so many that have video games specifically the wii. Because of my epilepsy, I am told to not to play with them as they trigger seizures but I miss the fun that all has with them.
Your family is beautiful and just so precious... it is a great way to bond at times!


nicole said...

Fun! I don't play video games, but Jon and I used to play Mario Kart a lot when we were dating and first got married. I haven't tried the wii yet either. Looks like fun!!
I love your family.