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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Kristina's questions:

"What you doing?" (she says this ALL the time)

"Mama, baf?" (bath)

"What?" (when I call her name)

"Mama, play?"

Keith's words:

"Ingat" (eat)

"Gakadee" (daddy)

"Mama" (that's me)

"Moh" (more - usually accompanied by the sign for more)


Sarah C said...

Kristina is speaking so well. I am really impressed. She is adorable.
Keith is growing up to be a fun little boy.

Winnie said...

Wait till you get "Why?" my little guy answers everything with this. Most frustrating question from a two year old in the world because he doesn't understand the answer at all. Me: Don't touch the hot stove! Him: Why? ALL DAY LONG!

MoonDog said...

they are growing up so much! so cute!!

Carina said...

Oh, how very cute! I can't wait to meet'll be at the reunion, right? =)