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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Keith's leg braces came in today. He was NOT happy about them. Keith doesn't like for anything to touch his feet - they are ultra sensitive. What's amazing is how much bigger they make his little feet. For example, the only shoes that will fit him now are 2 sizes bigger! We went shoe shopping this afternoon and could only find one pair of sandals that would work with the braces. I am hopeful that the braces will help him walk more correctly than before.

Kristina is now taping on her tummy to help with trunk strength. It's amazing how strong her upper body is and how weak her lower body is. She is constantly tripping and falling down - many times with nothing getting in her way but herself.


Tami said...

Glad to hear the braces are in. We'll be praying that they make a big difference.

Ali Rae said...

As for shoes to get for working with AFOs/ SMOs (it that's what your little man has) I highly reccomend or I have used both with the children I work with and they are so much more comfortable and easy to put on then to smooch a foot into another gym show.

Shari said...

Somebody already mentioned hatchback shoes, but we used Crocs Mammoth shoes for our youngest and the foot fit in there very well and the shoe stayed on. Your kids are beautiful.

Carina said...

I hope the braces help Keith out! It's exciting that he can get all this help =)

My son often trips and falls down, too...but that's most likely just the klutz jeans that he got from his parents. Poor thing never stood a chance. I'm sure this is something that Kristina can overcome! What exactly is "taping on her tummy" and how does that work to help with trunk strength?

MoonDog said...

how old is kieth? is he 5 too? We are bringing home Annie and Allen and I know you put kieth in the highchair sometimes, is he the size of a 5 year old or smaller? I think Allen will be 6 before he comes home. I am thinking ahead to meal times. should I get another high chair? thoughts? I am trying to think how he could be comfortable for meals with his legs supported, at this point they arent really bent very far.