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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There is something so satisfying about a clean house. For some reason I have been able to keep the downstairs quite tidy the past 2 days. And I LOVE it. Who knows how long it will last - but for now? I'm enjoying it.

I took the twins to the eye doctor today. They are going to have a minor eye surgery to correct their strabismus (fancy word for lazy eye) this summer. Keith was in his walker and it was quite difficult to corral both he & Kristina in a huge parking lot. Keith didn't want to go the way that I was going and Kristina was hyper, as usual. Somehow we made it to the van. Did I mention it was raining? Yeah, perhaps next time a stroller would be in order.

I am considering the idea of homeschool for my daughter, Anna, this next year. I am eager to learn which programs are the best out there. You may now leave comments (and links) that will help me learn which program would be best for us. Thanks!


Anonymous said...


I can't tell you which homeschool programs out there are best, but my gut instinct is that there are great aspects about all/most of them. I'd say you should start by figuring out what things you're looking for. Ask Tuan and Maria about their decision. It's called "unschooling." I stumbled across a book called "Unschooling" at my local library. I really liked what I read, so I bought a copy for myself on amazon, and I also bought one for my sister-in-law, as they are considering homeschooling for their kids.

Bear in mind that unschooling is not for everybody, but I think it has legitmate arguments in its favor. But the book also encourages finding the best aspects of whatever you use and supplement those where necessary.

I think putting the twins in school/pre-k will have some positive results for them, especially as they adapt to their new country and customs, but this might also be a valid option for them when the time is right.

Have fun in your explorations!

Ticklemedana said...

visit my friend Nikki's blog (Nikki and Danny) and leave a comment for her to shoot you an email...she homeschooled for a while and would have some good resources

Anonymous said...

Steph said...

Ahhh, a clean house is wonderful!! I love it too. I just wish it could last longer than a few hours. *sigh* Also, good luck with the home schooling. I don't have much useful advice, but I do know that Mary Gardner used to homeschool. You may want to give her a ring.

Shelbee said...

That is exciting about a clean house! I'm just wondering what sparked your consideration for homeschool. Do you not like the school Anna is at now? The curriculum? The student population? Maybe topics for a future conversation.

Sarah C said...

Yay for a clean house. That always feels good. Good luck with the twins surgeries.

Tuan's Princess said...

Yes! A clean house always makes me feel better mentally and physically! And e-mail me anytime if you have questions about unschooling. :o)