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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Last weekend Tyler & I took the kids to the carnival. We love having 3 kids to do fun activities with and this carnival was no exception. We were there for 2 hours of fun!

The girls each got a wristband for unlimited rides - definitely got our money's worth there.
Kristina & Keith rode several rides together, since they qualified for the same type of rides.
Keith LOVED this ride!

It's a funny thing - I LOVE rides! I rode 3 rides with Anna. Tyler rode 1 ride and was sick. He doesn't handle them very well. When we were pregnant with Anna, we went to a carnival. We rode my favorite ride, the tilt-a-whirl. Tyler was sick afterwards. Then we rode the ferris wheel...Tyler thought he was going to throw up! And I was the pregnant one!

Early in our marriage we strove to find music that we both liked to listen to. I like classical, reggae, and latin dance music. Tyler like punk ska and oldies. Natalie Merchant was something we both agreed upon. Here she is singing "CARNIVAL" which I found especially appropriate with the title of this post. Enjoy.


Carina said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm glad your kids enjoyed themselves.

I can relate on the rides thing. Cody doesn't handle them very well, and I love them. So we just try to moderate things. =)

shannon said...

I'm with Tyler! Death to the tilt-a-whirl!;o:::::