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Monday, June 29, 2009


Keith has been talking more lately. It's a miracle to see his mind open up as he grasps that he can communicate with us. Today he did the sign for cold, hot, happy, and yes. Whenever I say it's time to eat - Keith is at his highchair within a minute all ready for food. He has been speaking actual words which is wondrous to hear. He is saying hi, bye, mama, love mama, i love mama, love daddy, daddy, kristina, anna, keithy, cold, hot, happy, yes, no, & all gone.

Also, I think he's gained about 20 pounds or something. Seriously, this kid is a tank now! His thighs are chunking up - something I didn't know was possible for him - and his tummy is big.

My recent post about Kristina saying "all gone" instead of "all done" was not defiance, rather, she thought she was saying what I was saying. In her mind "all gone" is the same as "all done." Cute. Kristina has gained a little weight, but I am thinking that she will be tiny forever. She barely eats at meals unless we really REALLY insist on it or feed her ourselves. She will, however, eat a bunch of bananas without any hesitation whatsoever.


RML said...

Keep feeding her bananas :)!

Carina said...

It makes me happy to hear about how far Keith has come--what a good mama you are to him! =)

Kristina is adorable...the little petite thingy. I remember Joshua refusing to eat anything but bananas for awhile.

I can't wait to meet these kids someday!

Courtney said...

Will she do avocados? They're a good source of (healthy) fat and a lot of kids like them.

If you find anything that works, let me know. Dima's still as skinny as a rail and I don't know if he'll ever put on much weight, though he can eat us out of house and home, especially in pasta! ;)

TRAVIS & RESA said...


Quinton was amazing during the sealing. It was funny, that morning he was so smiley and happy (more than usual). The whole two hours it took to get to the temple he didn't fuss at all. When we got to the teple he was still very happy. We then took him to the nursery while we got ready. When they brought Quinton into the sealing room he was so giddy and excited to see mommy and daddy. The sealer asked if someone would hold him on the alter while he performed the ordinace. We explained that he could sit up on his own. So we tried it without any help. During the sealing Quinton needed to place his hand on ours; and he did without any problems. He did amazing... no problems at all. He even smiled throughout the sealing. We think he knew what was going on and was happy about it. After the sealing he was so happy as was our entire family!!!! We can hardly wait to take David!!! The Lord has truly blessed our little family!!!

I am sure things will be just as wonderful when you go. The children are so much closer to the spirit that we understand. Your children will feel the sweet spirit and will be excited about it all.

Thank you for your post!!!

LIN said...

Your children are beautiful and have made amazing progress!

Melisa said...

I can't picture him chunky! How amazing after all he's been through!