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Monday, June 01, 2009

The Doctor Channel*

Yesterday I woke up at 4am with a BAD sore throat. It was hard to swallow and I developed a fever of 102 degrees. Not good. Ned came over and said it looked like strep throat and then he & Tyler gave me a blessing. Tyler called Marie to come sit at the house (the kids were in bed asleep) while Tyler took me to the ER. I was beginning to feel dehydrated, which reminded me of this post. They took me back and tried to get me on an iv. After 6 or 7 unsucessful sticks = 6 or 7 blown veins (hello bruises) they called in the doctor who tried for a vein in my neck. He blew the vein. Then he tried the other side of my neck and was finally successful. Tyler took some pictures of all my various wounds. I give you permission to pity me.

Edward, eat your heart out.

I was REALLY cold while I was there. They brought at least 3 blankets to cover me up.

Tyler sang songs to me and read some TWILIGHT aloud for me. He's so sweet. Living with Tyler makes life so wonderful. I am truly blessed with a beautiful life.

*Anna supplied the title for this post.


monicalrobbins said...

Hey Jill,
I hope you're feeling better! That neck IV doesn't look like much fun. Do you know where you're moving to yet?
Get well soon!
Monica (NJ)

Sarah C said...

I hope you are feeling better. I am sorry you are sick.

Diana said...

So is it strep or some other nasty virus running amuck these days? Hope you're feeling better soon and your kiddos do ok with it. All @#$% breaks loose at my house when I'm sick. Not fun.

Queen Mother said...


Carina said...

Oh, Jill! I'm so sorry =( I hope you get to feeling better, stat!

nicole said...

Aww, I'm so sorry! That's the worst. We'll be praying that you get back to your happy healthy self again soon! xoxo

Alabama Apples said...

Yuckko!! I'm so sorry! How fun for a little R&R with your sweetheart (just kidding...kind of ;) ) I hope you get to feeling better.

Any ideas on where you're going yet?

jennifer said...

"Edward, eat your heart out."

Jill, you are so cute! Even in the midst of adversity, you keep your positive attitude and sense of humor!

Hope you feel better SOON!

shannon said...

Hee hee--I loved that you thought of Edward in this post. Tyler is your little Edward in shining armor, right! I was sad that I didn't get to say goodbye, but I hope you feel better soon!

Melisa said...

Owie, Jill! I hope things improve quickly!