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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So I'm still pretty sick (read: really really sick) and I haven't seemed to learn how to take it easy yet. Today I am charging myself with the idea of not doing ANYTHING but rest and allow myself to heal. I am worried that something else is wrong other than strep throat. I feel dehydrated despite drinking TONS of fluids and my gums in my mouth are very swollen. My primary care nurse called today and scheduled me a followup on friday. She said that my symptoms show that I am not recovering the way I should be. So hopefully I'll get some answers on friday. Until then, I am trying hard to relax.

I remember back after I had a c-section with Anna, I was trying to do any type of chore once I felt even a little bit recovered. Tyler would make me SIT DOWN and try to rest. Last night I took some excedrin for a headache and it gave me a bit of energy, too. So what did I do? I cleaned and did some laundry. At 3 separate times, I felt very prompted that I was doing TOO MUCH and that I need to just sit down and stop working, cleaning, etc. I am grateful to God for helping me keep things in perspective and not running faster than I have strength.


Alabama Apples said...

REST, dolly, rest!!! I know it is hard (okay, near impossible) but try. You need to get better so you can function properly. Hope you feel better quickly!

nicole said...

I agree with alabama apples. It sounds like you know that though. :) It's hard when you're such a go-getter like yourself, but resting will help you get on your feet much more quickly. *Hugs*

Carina said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're still very sick! I hope you recover soon--please keep us posted!

Your comments reminded me of something from my mission. There was an elder that thought he could get so much more work done if he never took a P-day, so he and his companion worked normally 7 days a week. Well, he ended up catching dengue fever (quite common down in Brazil, actually), and because his body was already running ragged, it took him much, MUCH longer to get over it than it should have. The mission president said that he had the distinct impression that, if the elder had taken P-days like he was supposed to, he would have recovered within a couple of days rather than 2+ weeks (which meant that rather than having one day a week without appointments, they didn't have any for over 2 weeks, which obviously can really set the work back). Since then I've really tried to understand the importance of resting and allowing your body to recover.

I think it's the Dahle in us, though. My mom and all five of us kids tend to do the same thing. Luckily my husband is all about trying to get me to lay back when I'm not feeling well so I don't make things even worse. Sounds like Tyler helps you in that respect as well!

Queen Mother said...


Sarah C said...

I am glad you are feeling better now. I am sorry you were so sick.