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Thursday, June 11, 2009

First day of summer

Today is the first day of summer, although it's hard to feel that when it's raining outside with a high of 66 degrees. It is June, right?!?!? Anyhow, this kind of weather makes me want to take a nap and it's only 10am. :o)

My plans for this summer are fairly simple. The therapist for the twins recommends that Kristina needs for her world to become smaller, meaning less outside activities and more time at home. Because of that, we are only going to do gymnastics this summer and forego on swimming lessons and t-ball which we have done in the past few summers. It will be less expensive, too, which will help us with our upcoming move this fall.

Anna has desires to being piano lessons and whereas she has an incredible ability to focus on things, I think she is ready. She has already begun her reading schedule program from the library and has read 10+ hours in 5 days. She LOVES to read and I LOVE to encourage her in this. I don't care to read much, myself, other than the scriptures and TWILIGHT books - but I know how important and helpful it will be if Anna gains a love for reading at a young age. I am just tickled that she likes it so much.

Tyler has 2 weeks off from school and then will begin his LAST QUARTER for his MBA at Ohio State University. I am so proud of him! It hasn't been easy - doing an MBA program while working full-time and being the Elder's Quorum President AND having 3 children, plus a needy wife at home. We are thrilled to spend more time with him!!!

We found out that we will have to fix the wall in the backyard. It will cost quite a bit of money, but we're hoping that we can take out the wall ourselves with jackhammers and therefore, reduce the cost considerably. Anyone want to come and tear down a wall???


Diana said...

Making her world smaller will also help with the upcoming move this fall as well. It will help make your life more sane as well.

The other thing that will help with your upcoming move is getting all those big house projects - as well as all the little ones you've been putting off done NOW. Believe me, you don't want to wait until the last minute on those! They're a killer! Sadly, if you want to have any prayer of selling your house and competing with the tremendous number of short sells and forclosures that are out there these days, every one of those projects will ALL have to be done, the paint will have to be lovely and new and neutral, and you'll have to plan on selling for way less than you think your house is worth. Have I mentioned that moving is a pain?

Yeah Tyler!

Melisa said...

Yeah for being done with an MBA! Wowza!

Bummer about the wall though. :o(

jennifer said...

That's so great that Anna is developing a love of reading. I became an avid reader as a child (I was always hiding under the covers with a flashlight and a book when I was supposed to be sleeping) and I think a love of reading has blessed my life in many ways. Good for you for encouraging her!