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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here are some pictures I took recently. It does my heart good to see these beautiful smiles from my kiddos! I never tire of their happy and fun personalities!

Ready for lunch.

Waiting for the bus.

Lately I've been pondering over the way that people respond and treat Keith & Kristina. I notice how people give them special attention and want to watch them and see how they have progressed since we brought them home last November. As I pondered this, I realized how wonderful it is to have so many people who care and love these children and who pay them so much attention - because while they were in Ukraine, they received none of those things. It brings tears to my eyes as I think about how lonely they must have been for their first 4 years of life and then more tears come when I think about how much love and attention they now have. It is a blessing just to be a part of their lives. I am so grateful to be their Mama.


Diana said...

So cute!

My boys are still a novelty to many people as well. I do love that people are interested in watching them grow and change - but I must confess...I'm also really looking forward to them being able to exit the stage and being able to start over as "normal" American kids and not having everyone and their dog and their great Aunt Mildred knowing where they came from and where they've been. Yes, it's nice to recognize how much they've changed and grown, but it's also nice just to "be" sometimes.

Tami said...

Aren'ts these kids the best?! :) We get the same thing with Maddie. People are constantly giving her extra attention, which makes me feel bad for the other three. What helps me deal with it is the knowledge that someday the newness will wear off...and she'll be treated just like one of my other children. I'm really looking forward to that.

Christine said...

How precious! Their smiles say it all!

Svedi Pie said...

So just for fun I went back to look at some pictures of Keith and Kristina while you two were in Ukraine first meeting them...

And wow, it's incredible to see the difference love, care and attention makes. First thing I noticed is they are happy! Truly happy! Also, they are much healthier, they have a glow in their face they didn't have before.

Their countenances are much brighter, their faces so much happier. Keith look like he is aware of so much and that he is actually involved and interacting with people around, before he was too sick to be involved. I love it! It is such a joy to see these children come alive! :)

Nice work Mama and family :)

MoonDog said...

why does Kieth use the high chair and not a regular chair? not judging, just wonder if it works better for him than a regular chair and if its something we should consider with ours. I suppose it would at least contain the meal mess.

soontobemomof9 said...

They are so adorable!!!!