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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Game night

Last night we had a game night - a last hurrah of fun with Sarah before she moves away. *sniff sniff* We played LOADED QUESTIONS and had tons of yummy treats and lots of fun conversations.

Rachel, Stacey, Margaret, Sarah, Trish, Nicole, Beth, Cristina, Jill, Angie, & Arlene - we had a ball!

Sarah, Nicole, & I - great friends!


Mary said...

Nice! I always avoid board games and game nights like the plague - I'm *very* competitive and I don't like the way I act when I play them. Then again, I recently started playing board games with my friends and discovered that they're much more fun (somehow, the competitive streak appears only when I play with my family). I love bananagrams (like scrabble, only faster) and trivial pursuit (I have an excellent memory, but only when it comes to memorizing tidbits of arcane knowledge).

Melisa said...

How fun!