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Friday, August 21, 2009

The great wall of ohio

Well, not exactly of Ohio...but our retaining wall has fallen, er, it was torn down by some cool large monster truck things.

This is something that we should have done when we first moved in, but we thought we wouldn't have to. We bought the house with the retaining wall leaning over and the city said it was fine. 3 years later - with no change to the wall whatsoever - it is deemed as structurally unsound and we have to take it down. Got to love how the city works. ;o)


nicole said...

Wow! What a project. Glad it's being taken care of before your house is on the market. That would be stressful! Your daughters look adorable... I can't believe how grown up they both look. Hope you're feeling better Jill!!

Melisa said...

That is amazing, Jill! It is going to look great!