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Monday, August 10, 2009

Successful operation

This morning we were at the hospital at 5:30am to prepare for my tonsillectomy. The RN blew 2 veins before letting someone else hook up my IV - story of my life, eh? She said that my veins may be fragile. That would certainly explain my track record of vein blowouts for me. *sigh* The last thing I remember was moving from one bed to another bed in the operating room...then waking up to a lady trying to wake me up when I didn't want to be woken up. ;o) By the time we picked up my prescriptions and got home - I went back to sleep. I've been sleeping 2 hours at a time and trying to stay up for 2 hours in between so that I (hopefully) will sleep well tonight.

For whatever reason, I am extremely nauseous and keep a bowl with me at all times. I've come close to throwing up about 5 times, but no success (?) yet. I wonder if it's the pain killer that is causing me to be nauseated. Is that possible anyone?

The doctor said that my tonsils were "very large," and that because of that it will take me a bit longer to heal - close to 2 weeks. I have been trying to eat, but without much success. After one bite of anything I feel like I am going to throw up. Tyler got me a cranberry slush from Sonic, but after a few sips it was too sweet. I made some oatmeal which sounded wonderful, but I felt nauseated after 1 bite. *sigh* Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.


jennifer said...

Oh, Jill. NOT fun. I am so sorry! I will be praying for you and hoping you feel tons better tomorrow!

Melisa said...

I'm so sorry! That sounds so tough! I hope you recover quickly! And yes, nausea is a very common side effect. :o(

Carina said...

Aww, Jill...that sounds so uncomfortable! I'm so sorry :( I hope it passes quickly and that you can get the nourishment you need!

mor said...

My poor sweet Jill! Yes, the drugs contribute to the nausea...did you try saltines? just let a little nibble melt on your tongue. if you can keep a little something bland on your tummy, it might help a bit. Hope you feel better soon. Love you.

Queen Mother said...

I've had a lot of surgeries...the nausea is most likely just from the trauma of having general anesthesia. It can really mess with your whole gastro tract.

I'm glad it went well!!

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Oh dear... I really hope you get better soon.
I have a friend at work who just got hers out about a month ago and it took a little longer than she thought to get over it. She missed 2 weeks of work when at first she thought she would miss only 3 days!

Nausea was not good as well and the throat pain was pretty bad too.
Apparently she had to go back into surgery to get the tonsils cauterized because they started to bleed again... she was on a lot of pain killers for quite some time and couldn't eat for some days.

She's better now but it took a bit.

My tonsils grew back twice after I had them out as a kid, they grew back in my adult years... strange, hey? Guess they didn't do a good job the first time.

get better soon.

shannon said...

What a bummer! Sorry your feeling like trash right now, but it'll soon be over. Eldon had his tonsils out when we were first married and he was miserable for about 2-3 weeks. Just make sure if you can't keep anything down to at least stay hydrated. Eldon threw up everything for the first 3 days and then started throwing up blood. We ended up taking him to the ER and he was super dehydrated. So be very careful!