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Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, Keith has officially entered toddlerhood. He whines constantly - I wish I were kidding - about everything. Usually he is wanting to eat...even after he just ate, he still whines about wanting to eat and is completely impatient about waiting for the food to arrive. Currently Tyler is warming up some pasta for Keith and he is shrieking to the top of his lungs for something to eat while signing "eat" over and over. His therapists say that he is in the realm of toddlerhood and will continue to progress. I hope that whining goes away soon - but with already having another child, I know that won't happen.

I had a tonsillectomy this past monday, therefore I have been missing in action this whole week. My sweet husband has been picking up all the slack and has been caring for our family and for me. He has assured me that he never wants to be a single parent - EVER! It's hard and we're struggling hour-to-hour. Tyler has taken some time off work, which has made this week possible.

Kristina starts school next week - she watches Anna get on the bus in the mornings and asks when it's her turn. Poor girl. 2 days ago Kristina was "skating" around the kitchen and fell into the wall - putting a big knot on her forehead that split. Without a doubt, Kristina will be my clumsy child. She falls down a great deal and is always needing bandaids and kisses from this or that. I hope that her coordination will improve with time.


Karen J said...

From no expert, just my experience... Both the whining thing and the clumsy thing are related to being adopted... or maybe should I say, being an orphan.
Keith is probably whining because he can. Because he has someone who will meet his needs. He might even be testing you to see if you are such a person. Whining is still not easy to handle (try it with 4 kids), but this kind of puts it into perspective.
And the clumsiness. We are down to only about 4 or 5 major (at least to them) "accidents" a day that require complete meltdowns. It used to be 30 or 40. So it does get better.
Hang in there!

MoonDog said...

ps I hope yuou are feeling better after your surgery.

MoonDog said...

have you had Kristina's eyes checked lately? Ethan would run into everything all over the place. especially things at eye level. turns out his eyes didnt track together. no wonder he was running into things! he was seeing double! He is still rambunctious but doesnt run into things anymore since he got his glasses, he can see where things are.

Leah said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling a lot better now. Tonsillectomies are hard on adults! I had major surgery a week ago and it's been a long week! UGH! I am REALLY confused now. You've mentioned somewhere before that Keith and Kristina are twins. But, I thought that Keith had a twin in another orphange, and that he and Kristina are not biological sibs, right? Are both Keith and Kristina starting school,or just Kristina?

Sarah C said...

I can't even imagine Keith whining. He is so sweet.