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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Because the ER is fun

So for a week now I've been having some pain in my right leg when I sleep. The past 2 days the pain has lingered all day long as well. Today Tyler encouraged me to go in to the ER just to make sure it wasn't a blood clot or something like that. I went in at 1pm and the ER on-base was swamped. Good thing I brought BREAKING DAWN along with me to read while I waited. Once I got in a room I met with a doctor. He didn't have the most pleasant bedside manner (if only that could be a prerequisite) but he examined my leg and said it didn't feel like I had a clot. I asked if I could have an ultrasound just to make sure. An hour later I went to have my leg checked for blood clots. Oh. My. Goodness. It was incredibly painful - I had no idea it would hurt so bad! This tech had to push the monitor-thingy deep into my thigh to get a reading. Halfway through I was crying, it was awful. I quickly wished I hadn't asked for the ultrasound, but I wanted to make sure I didn't have one - since when I was in the hospital recovering from the surgery they had been concerned about blood clots. So I went back to the ER and spoke with the same doctor. He said that the results from the ultrasound showed that I didn't have a blood clot and that I could go home. (Um, sir? I came in here because I have pain in my leg, remember?) He then said that the pain is most likely from my sleeping on my back while I was in the hospital...but I've been home for almost 2 weeks I basically went to the ER for 4 hours to determine that I don't have a blood clot and received no relief for my pain. I guess I'll be hitting up vitamin M (motrin) tonight!


MoserUpdates said...

Grrr...don't you hate that?

Saquel25 said...

Wow that sucks so bad! Try heat as well as the Motrin. You know if we lived closer I'd rush over some lovely stuff I was prescribed when I had my root canal. It's just sitting around because I never needed it. I also have a muscle relaxer that I never needed after a shoulder/neck strain I had. You'd be loopy in no time! By the way I received your Christmas gift today. Thankyou so much. You're so thoughtful and how could you think I'd ever be in danger of forgetting you? I will find the perfect place for it. I wish I would have known it was a Christmas pressie. I would have saved it and put it under the tree! Good luck with that leg. Hopefully it'll feel better soon. Love ya xxxxxx

RML- Being More Through Having Less said...

Sounds liek a nightmare, but so glad you don´t have a clot!

nicole said...

How awful!! Wow Jill... it's just one thing after the next. :( hugs

brad said...

In my experience, ER doctors are good at diagnosing and treating emergencies. So if the leg pain was due to cuada equina syndrome or a blood clot, the ER is your place. Since you do not have a diagnosis yet, I would go to your primary care doctor or a specialist.

I would also strongly warn against taking a presciption medication that your doctor did not prescribe to you.

I hope things get better soon.