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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keith's progress

So Tyler went to Keithy's school today for an IEP meeting. His teachers told Tyler that with the amount of time they have worked with Keith - he has made more progress than any other child in a similar amount of time. In fact, they said that he follows their schedule extremely well and when it's time to play he actually plays with toys now (instead of doors and cords) and when it's time to clean up - he does so and when it's "circle time" he hurries over to his spot on the circle and participates very well. :o) I also received a paper from his teacher with some specific things he is doing:

  • Keith is participating more and more independently
  • Keith is able to match the colors red, blue, green, & yellow
  • Keith loves circle time - music & movement
  • Keith follows the routine!
  • Keith is able to match the circle shape
  • Keith uses crayons & playdoh
  • Keith is able to draw a straight line and other shapes
I must admit - I was very blown away at this list of what Keithy can do! I am so proud of my little guy!


Karin said...

Hooray! Great news!

nicole said...

Aww! How exciting!! I bet you're just thrilled with his progress. It's so wonderful to hear that he's doing well. Way to go Mom!

RML- Being More Through Having Less said...

Oh, I´m so happy to hear that - what a sweetheart!!

Tami said...

And you should be! That's awesome! He's doing so great and making such great progress! :)