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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Misery loves company

I am really sick now. Sore throat. Stuffy nose. All that jazz. Tyler is also very sick. He has been home this whole week taking care of me AND trying to get well, himself. The kids are improving and seem to be closer to being well. Everyone says "it's going around", but if it's going around - then how does anyone do anything this time of year??

Tyler & I busied ourselves by packing up more stuff. Our upstairs area is beginning to look empty and now all the pictures are off the doesn't feel as much like home without our pictures up. I woke up at 4am this morning and couldn't go back to I am certain that my current fatigue has something to do with that. Let's hope I sleep better tonight (and longer). I am toying with the idea of taking some nyquil if it will help my sore throat not ache so bad tonight. I am not complaining - I just want to type exactly how I am feeling so I can look back on this post and be able to say something like, "at least I'm not as pitiful as I was on October 14th...blah, blah..." I hope everyone reading this post is feeling healthy and strong!

Tonight my good friend, Valerie, brought us homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade rolls...a perfect meal for a chilly autumn day. Anna had 4 helpings. Seriously. I think she's having a growth spurt or something. I am so grateful for all those who have helped us by bringing meals.

Not to brag or anything, but one of my strengths as a person is to try and helps others if I can. I received an email that the missionaries in our church were needing some meals for this week. I started thinking of something I could take to them and then it dawned on me that we've been brought meals for the past 2 weeks, so that means I'm probably not in a situation where I should or could bring someone else a meal. Silly me. I hope someone else can feed them.

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RML- Being More Through Having Less said...

I hope you feel a lot better soon! Not good to be packing, recovering from an operation and ill.