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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Small adjustment

So I called the nutritionist this morning to talk with her about the phase 2 diet. She cleared me up on something that has made a big difference in my 6 mini meals per day. She said for the gastric bypass you have to eat 1/4 cup per meal but for lapband it's actually up to 1/2 cup per meal! I can't tell you what a difference that makes! I actually feel somewhat full after the meal - depending on what it is. Tonight I had pureed mashed potatoes mixed with some pureed beef stew = not too shabby.

Food items that have made my life easier on this restrictive diet today:
1. kiwi-strawberry propel drink
2. Yoplait Light Thick & Creamy Key Lime Pie yogurt
3. Sugar-free hot chocolate

Some of you have asked how I can handle eating such small meals. Well, the answer is that Tyler is my partner in crime and he brings me everything that I eat. So, my emotions do not influence the size of my servings. I just eat what he gives me and it has been working out so far. Many people have asked what there is that they can do for us. If you are local, the only thing we could use are meals. So far, we have meals scheduled through wednesday night. With me being down and still recovering and Tyler holding down the fort - cooking isn't something that happens in our home. So, if you want to make us a meal - we won't complain. ;o)

I lowered my oxygen from 2 liters to 1 liter today. It just felt like too much on 2 liters. I think I will keep it at 2 for sleeping, though. I need to call my doctor about it tomorrow.

Tyler has been packing up our home each day. I went through all the summer/winter clothes and kept 10 outfits per child to use until we move. The rest of the clothes we boxed up or took to goodwill because they were too small. I cut coupons and organized them, plus I started organizing Anna's baptism which will be in December AND her birthday party. I love organization and she & I had a really fun time with the details.


Karin said...

Glad to hear life is going better for you! You really are Jill the Warrior!!! Love you!

nicole said...

Wow... you're already thinking of December?! I'm hardly thinking about next week! It's pretty much day to day around here. ;) I'm glad your diet is getting a little easier for you. *hugs*

Carrie said...

Mmmm...I love the Thick and Creamy Key Lime Pie Yogurt! It is such a treat. I am glad you are doing okay and that you got to up your diet a little bit!

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

where do you find sugar free hot chocolate?