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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Little Things

I am thankful for those little things that make you smile: a hug, a kiss, a snuggle, the mispronunciation of an everyday word, the excitement of another day on this earth. Each of my children make me laugh with their fun personalities and imaginations. I always wanted to marry a man with a sense of humor and I did. I frequently see Tyler dancing through the house with his own unique dance moves (if you know Tyler, you know what I'm taking about). I enjoy quoting random movies when it fits the situation. A joke here, a snuggle there, it's the little things that matter.


Zactly said...

Hi Jill,
Thanks for visiting my blog. In answer to your questions, our 2 special needs adopted children came from Serbia. We live in Kansas City, Mo. I can't remember which blog I found your blog from. Probably one of the families that have adopted from Serbia and/or Ukraine. I like to read about other adoptive families. Glad you are doing well after your surgery. I have a girlfriend who had a similar proceedure done.
take care,

Carina said...

I completely agree with you--it really is the little things that make life worth living, you know?

nicole said...

Sweet. I absolutely agree. It's all about the little things!!

MoserUpdates said...

Look at sweet Keith standing! Wow. What a long way he's come. Love the post :)